SEWA International, USA

I love charity and helping others is a part of who I am. I believe in giving rather than receiving and I have teamed up with an international non-profit organization called SEWA International USA in order to do this. I help children in building self-confidence. Hence, most of the proceeds from my cooking classes go to them.

We raised funds at a cooking class at Williams Sonoma for Kerala flood relief.

Distribution of books for first through fifth graders with my personal handwritten note through the White Plains Youth Bureau. I had an amazing time watching the happy faces of all of the children.

Elegant Charity Lunch for Girls

I was in Kerala, India in July of 2019. This charity event took place in a home Amritasakthi where there are twelve girls who have either one parent or no parents. They are educated and taken care of solely by the charity in this home. My birthday was on July 6, and I decided to cook an elegant lunch for these girls. We spent the day together having fun while cooking. We made Spiced Beet Chicken Curry with Turmeric Cabbage Fried Rice. The girls and I enjoyed the meal after a short prayer.

I’m an advocate for boosting self-confidence with kids. I met with the girls after lunch to discuss the importance of emotional intelligence, self-confidence, and education. I also met with the Director and other trustees as well.

It gave me immense happiness to watch the girls enjoy the food I cooked for them. I was so happy to get to know these incredible girls and plan to help them in every way possible. It was an amazing birthday for me.

Costa Rican Orphanage

I had the most amazing opportunity to cook for 50 kids at an orphanage in Costa Rica. I made Beet Chicken Curry with coconut milk and lots of cilantro for them along with Basmati rice. I had the best time with these amazing children!