Cooking Class


Group classes up to four people

This is a 2-3 hour session that is inspired by Southern Indian cuisine and we cook a complete meal. All dishes can be light, medium, or highly spiced according to your taste.


Here’s the menu to choose from:

Entrees served with basmati rice and Spiced Cabbage stirfry


  1. Kerala Fish curry-South Indian halibut curry with coconut milk and curry leaves
  2. Beet chicken curry-South Indian chicken curry with light spices and beet juice
  3. Theeyal- Shallot curry with mildly spiced roasted coconut paste

Entrees served with Dosa (Flat crepe using rice and lentils), Coconut chutney, and Tomato chutney

4. Pepper chicken fry-Chicken stir-fried with jalapenos, onions, curry leaves, and other mild spices
5. Beef fry with caramelized onions and spices -Cubes of beef cooked in a medley of spices and onions
6. Spiced mashed potato-Potatoes cooked in light spices and onions and Sambhar-A tangy lentil curry to dip dosas

Private classes are also available!

Private one-on-one classes are also offered which is approximately 1.5 – 2 hours. We cook together a customized menu-a vegetable and a protein dish and you get to take it home to enjoy.




To book a class, contact Rajni call or email using the buttons below.

What people are saying about Creative Rajni’s Cooking Classes:

I had a lesson with Rajni in the past. I found her to be a kind, organised and patient teacher. Her instructions were clear and easy to follow. Most importantly, I felt that she was willing to share her “secrets” with me so that I could successfully make a particular item. My husband thanks her!

Kathleen Cea (5 stars)

I have not taken the cooking lessons, but I’ve tasted Rajni’s cooking. I am a vegetarian and her food was delicious and very flavourful. Rajni is a wonderful cook. She is very creative and extremely personable. Cooking with her is a promising to be a fun, rewarding experience.

Elizabeth Ungar (5 stars)

She is witty, patient and enthusiastic. I highly recommend Rajni for a cooking class and I’ll definitely be back for another! I love the fact that she incorporates traditional dishes into fusion healthy versions and uses personal stories throughout the class!

Smitha Menon (5 stars)

Rajni is very animated, vivacious and funny! Her class that we took was a lot of joy. She explained all of the details clearly and demonstrated every necessary skill. We still remember it with love!

Yuri Gorokhovich (5 stars)

I have attended Rajni’s cooking classes. She is not just a cook, she is a culinary artist. She interacts with her students with care and patience. I would recommend her creative cooking classes to those who like to explore exotic cuisines.

Hema Panicker (5 Stars)

I have attended one of Rajni’s group cooking lessons and it was a memorable and truly enjoyable experience. She is friendly and attentive to all the participants and her recipes are both delicious and very easy to learn. I am looking forward to learning more from Rajni in the future!

Jennifer Wong (5 Stars)

Rajni is an amazing big cook! Her love for cooking comes through in every dish that she prepares with such care. “Creative” is so right for her and her cooking! Rajni comes up with dishes that are so unique and yet taste great!

Bhavana Pahwa (5 stars)