Rajni Menon

Cooking has always been a part of me. It’s meditation to me. I grew up seeing my mom and my grand-mom cook for our huge family in my hometown- Kerala, South India. They would be in the kitchen for hours together grinding, sauteing, seasoning, and cooking up her amazing creations of Kerala cuisine. I have been cooking for over 18 years and have experience working at the Michelin star chef Jean George’s restaurant kitchen as well. I have trained at the Institute of Culinary education, NY for fine dining. I have also done a Textile/Surface Design course- a 2 yr degree specializing in hand painting techniques at the Fashion Institute of Technology. I decided to combine my passion for cooking and my fashion background to produce chic and elegant plate of food. I am also fortunate to have a monthly food column in the WAG magazine in Westchester, NY. 

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Peace and love